CrossFit North Arlington Rules

1. Be respectful.
2. Arrive early and stay late. Cheer, clap, and encourage others. Anything less is to cheat yourself of the experience, and to rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of the community.
3. If you commit to a class time, show up. If you can’t show up, let us know ASAP.
4. Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout. Clean up sweat, spit, blood, chalk, dirt, vomit, handprints, and whatever else you’ve left behind.
5. Commit to your WOD. Don’t half ass it.
6. Commit to your nutrition. You can’t outwork a bad diet, and it’s just not smart to put in all the sweat here then to kill it with a double bacon cheeseburger and some pink nuggets. Don’t tell me you can’t do it without a coke a day. Yes you can. Make the choice not to. Get past the sucky part and find out how great you feel.
7. Accidents and injuries happen and usually come as a result of impatience. Don’t be greedy. Slow down. Ask questions. Ask for help. Check your ego at the door.
8. Grunting, screaming, cussing and otherwise making noise are all fine during a workout. There is such a thing as gentle, quiet strength, although most of us haven’t mastered that yet. Also remember that there can be such a thing as too loud, crass, gross, or rude. Consider others around you, and know the difference between gratuitous noisemaking and legitimate grunts.
9. Get a journal and create your workout and food log. It’s essential. YOU are responsible for recording your times, weights, and progress. The journal is a tangible and real log of the progress you’ve made since you started. On the days you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, it gives you something to look at and get some perspective on.

Finally, and here’s the big one:

We encourage you to support your fellow CrossFitter with “c’mon, one more rep!” and we hate to see people finish their workout and not give support to those that are still slugging it out! We know that members have good intentions when they start giving coaching cues, but there is a big difference between “c’mon one more rep” and “you need to… ”. One member giving another member coaching cues might offend the person that is doing the workout, or provide misinformation on the technique.
If you see something that looks unsafe, grab a coach, that’s what we are here for!


2 Responses to “CrossFit North Arlington Rules”

  1. Renee Says:

    the “essential” workout and food log…haven’t done that yet. Trying to be good, but scratching my head at how fat I feel after working harder than I ever have, after 6 weeks. I’m not sure I understand the time issue…”times, weight, progress” …I feel progress, but I can’t define it in time or weight – certainly not scale weight since I’ve gained 10 pounds!

    I was happy to do a sMurph on Friday, amazed I could do it. Sore, but not toast. Looking forward to Monday and working out the aches.

    Meghan is too cute with her constant encouragement. Thanks sweet girl.

    • Gotta get those logs going. You need to see, quantifiably, what’s going in, and what you’re progressing with.
      In your particular case, I implore you to really remember, and consider, where you started. You have come SO FAR in such a short period of time. I would wager that your body was hungry to put on muscle…and that your musculature was lacking prior to your membership here. I don’t think you’ve gained 10lbs of FAT since you’ve started training. You’re looking slimmer now than when you started, to be sure. I think…though…that you really really needed some muscle tissue, and your body is focusing on adding that before it does anything else. You’re responding to the stimulus!

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