“My definition of change…just ain’t the same…”


We’ve had…seriously…20 people sign up in the past two months. Freaking…awesome. And inspiring. And motivating. And challenging. And everything else. It’s an incredible thing, and I love every single moment.

Dave told me tonight that he’d run his measurements again, two months in, and has made jawdropping progress in body composition. I’ll let him share that when he’s ready, but I feel comfortable saying – inspiring and impressive and so much more.  I’m so excited for him to share his story with you all. 

But, it’s not time for that yet. Right now I want to talk about change

You start out, stepping on the scale. You start out thinking that your mile time defines you. You start out with preconceived notions of what you can and can’t do, and what you should or shouldn’t look like.  Females come into the gym wanting to be skinnier and toned. Males come in and say they want to be more fit and stronger. 

Everyone wants a change. We’re all here because something in our lives makes us ready to take a leap and make the commitment to do something differently, to finally get results. 

And, after a month or two, changes happen. Weight GAIN along with loss! Clothes fit differently…jeans are tighter in the quads and ass and they’re looser in the waist. Shirts fit looser in the belly, and tighter in the shoulder.

And then the loose definitions of change start taking shape.  Change is no longer amorphous. More mobility, more weight on the bar, better wrist movement, faster elbows. 

Refining movement. Getting stronger. The aesthetic is no longer as important as the functional. The new mindset is surprising in its intensity and focus. There is no possible way I can explain this to a new athlete and have him or her take me seriously, until one day the sun comes up and the goal is “I’m adding 15lbs to my squat today. You watch.” instead of “Maybe today I can get into those jeans!”

This will change you. The thing is, what you consider ‘change’ is going to be different as well. Get ready. 


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