Know the role.

I’m your coach.

I’m here to teach you, encourage you, push you, change you, guide you, and correct you. My role in your life is meant to be a positive and honest one, a role that accepts no excuses, and teaches that weakness can be overcome. 

Every workout we program, every correction in form we make, every plate we put on the bar, every time we tell you “Yes you can, just do one more…come on, one more round, one more, do it again” we are working to improve your mind, body, and quality of life. 

Because we’re coaches, we invest in our athletes…emotionally, mentally, and by giving our time away from the gym to researching ways to make each and every one of you better, to find cues to help with getting you where you need to be. 

We’re coaches.

I am not your drill sergeant.

It’s not my job to get in your face and scream at you. I’m not here to demean you. I’m not here to belittle you in order to convince you to move faster. My influence is not supposed to be a negative one. 

I will not scream and demand from you, inches from your  face, telling you to put the bar down, and wondering why you even bother. 

Because I’m your coach, and not your drill sergeant, I’m going to lift you where you need to be and make you realize that you had it in you all along. I’m not going to beat you down and make you feel like what you’re doing isn’t good enough. I’m going to convince you to want to give more. 

If you’re wanting a drill sergeant – see a recruiter. 

If you’re wanting a coach, come in Wednesday night and let’s do this damn thing.


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