You’re only going to get out of this as much as you put into it.

It takes 3 months.  

You are your own worst obstacle. Get out of your own head and listen to what we coaches have to say. 

Pain of injury should not be ignored. We can’t scale or modify or change something if you do not alert us to a source of pain or potential injury. 

Everyone’s first workout sucked.  Most people’s fiftieth workout…still sucks. 

No one cares where you are starting…they only care about how hard you are willing to work to get where you want to go.

There is a difference between being hurt and being injured. Hurting is your body’s way of asking you nicely to stop. Injury is your body’s way of telling you that you are an idiot if you keep going. 

We do not wear knee socks because they are stylish. 

You will never forget the people who sweat and hurt beside you. 

You will make some of the best and most long term friendships of your life within our walls. 

These people will be there for you. Remember that, and when they need you, do the same.

Remember the three types of people in the world – the givers, the takers, and the people who are just there.  The givers enrich the world around them. The takers destroy it. The people who are just there are sucking up oxygen…and have nothing to teach you.  Figure out who you are and who you want to be.  Contribution does not have to be grand, it just has to be a contribution. 

Everyone has something to give. Knowledge, insight, support, reflection, presence, whatever.  Sometimes the best thing to give is a silent mouth and a listening ear. 

Rock bottom leaves you with two directions from which to choose – straight up or sideways. 

Survival is as dependent on mental strength as it is on physical. 

Abs on skinny guys are like boobs on fat girls – nothing to brag about. 

Yes the knurls hurt on the bar. They’re supposed to.

We are not going to quit on you until you quit on yourself. 

Yes burpees suck. They are also highly effective movements. 

Half squats are worse for your knees than your globogym trainer wants you to believe. 

The type of shoe you’re wearing matters.

Nutrition is important. So is rest.  

 You are in control of the influences in your life. You can say “no”, or “yes” to any situation that arises. The choice is yours, and the responsibility for the consequences of that choice is also yours. 



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  1. I love this! YAY Crossfit! 🙂

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