Childlike enthusiasm…

You guys ever watch the mom who bubble wraps her kids? They don’t do anything where they may fall down. Get hurt. Get dirty. God forbid they play in the dirt and make mud pies.  From the time the child is an infant, s/he is surrounded by 100% baby proof living areas.  Corners are bumpered, all drawers and cabinets are double locked. Baseball and basketball and football are done with kindness and love, no championship trophies – lots of participations medals though. 

Bugs the hell out of me. The child is learning to walk…stands up…wobbles a bit…then plunks down on his butt.  Mom rushes over, breathless, checking for injuries and immediately reassuring him that he’s okay.

Lady. It never crossed his mind that he wasn’t okay until you told him he was in a situation where he actually might not be okay.  

This is how children learn. They stand up, they wobble, they fall down, they get up again.  Every time the kid gets up, he does something a little different…trying to stay upright and take that step…then the next one and the next one and so on.

I bet you’re wondering what the  hell I’m prattling about here, and what in avocado’s name it has to do with CrossFit. 

You gotta miss a clean. You gotta bail on a squat. You gotta be called out on the movements when they’re incomplete. You have got to have some kind of negative, natural stimulation that tells your brain and your body “Hey. Dumbass. You did that wrong.” so when you reattempt the lift, you know what NOT to do. 

When you miss an attempt, or when you get no repped, your brain catalogues the information in the “don’t do this it won’t work” file. Slow elbows? They’ll get faster. Not getting hips open? You’ll file it into needing more drive. 

It’s a matter of approaching this thing as a child approaches learning…by using failure as a means of self education.  Pulling loads that are on the lighter end that you can muscle through them isn’t going to teach you anything but bad habits.  

Learn to love to fail. It means you’re learning something.


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