Airrosti, a shoulder, and a stubborn woman

You guys have been here through my entire injury story – or at least the relevant parts. From being hurt and aching all the time, to surgery, to limitations, and now rehab – y’all have watched it all, often with a (much appreciated) protective eye as you remind me not to rush. Can’t say thank you often or emphatically enough for that.

Well. I’m an impatient butthead who refuses to consider “slow down” as a real option…so my normal PT is both frustrating and ineffective for my needs.

My irritation with my regular therapy boiled over, and I sought permission from my (very patient and understanding) surgeon to make an appointment with Airrosti. He knew what I was needing, and gave his blessing.

Two visits. Over the course of TWO VISITS my range of motion has increased while my overall discomfort has almost been eliminated.

I can’t say it enough – those tweaks and pulls and limitations you guys feel can be resolved with Airrosti. Dr. Bertrand is fantastic, and Jeremy will put you through some assignments and give you homework that will bring an immediate improvement to your body.

We’ve mentioned it in class, but I want to reemphasize the point – it isn’t comfortable, but it’s a game changer. Check with your insurance company. If its covered – go.

See you guys tonight.


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