The Cost…

The emails and phone calls have already begun…inquiries about XFNA and our fees and schedules etc.

For every five queries, there will be one who responds “HOLY SMOKES! $140 a MONTH? EVERY MONTH? I can go to [insert generic globogym name here] for $35 a month!”

Which, in all reality, is a fair response, I suppose, when one doesn’t know what one gets for that $140 a month.

So what do you get?

Coaching – Danny, Phil, Jared (that’s right, you’ll be seeing more of Jared in the coming months), and I have spent innumerable hours reading and learning and watching and talking and working so we can be better for you. Better cues. Better progressions. Better presentations. Better presences.  Better anatomical and biomechanical awareness. Better communication.  And it’s all funneled into our members.  We are here…for you. We are here to watch you do things you never thought you could do…just so we can say “See what you just did! Holy shit dude that was amazing!”

No contracts – we don’t do contracts.  We just don’t.  If you want to be here, come see me during the first week of the month and pay me.  It really is that simple.  When you stop coming around, I’ll stop looking for you.

Programming – Programming is an ongoing process…it changes and evolves based on the needs of our membership and the goals we outline for the gym as a whole.  If coaching is the heart of what we do, programming is the lifeblood.  Our gym has damn good, damn solid, damn challenging programming. It’s some of the hardest stuff in DFW. Too many people have confirmed that particular sentiment too many times for me to NOT be willing to stand by that statement.  We will challenge you. We will push you. We will cheer you on for every single accomplishment. Bet your ass.

Support – this is a lifestyle. You start out thinking you’re going to come in a couple of times a week, maybe dabble a bit, break a sweat so you can say you did something and also to kind of wipe away the guilt for the coldie you crack open at the end of the night, and then go home.  Then…something changes. You start looking forward to coming in. You anticipate the raw palms and the busted knees. You crave that heaving chest, out of breath feeling.  And you realize…so does everyone else. You start enjoying the people AND the workout. People who sweat and breath and heave and bust their asses just as hard as you’re busting yours. People who identify with that cringe and shudder when you see burpees and thrusters in the same WOD. People who know who Fran is and why she’s such a bitch.  And you like them. And they like you.  They live the same life you do, they feel your pain, and know exactly how hard you work for every accomplishment.  They’re invested in your success and your happiness. They care about you.

Personal training – the going rate for personal trainers is upward of $50/hour. If you see a trainer twice a week, that’s $100 a week. Plus your gym membership.  Over $400/month. Break it down folks.

$140 is a lot of money, I’m not saying it isn’t.  But the $140 you spend here every month is going to enrich your life in ways you can’t predict.  It’s worth it.


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