New faces!

So many new faces this month – it’s a good thing.

BECAUSE we’ve got so many new people, I want to go over a few things…

Progress – Everyone is going to progress at different things at different rates. Some people are going to pick up new movements…really fast. Some people are going to move heavy weight, right off the bat.  Some of you guys are going to recover practically overnight. Some of you guys are going to run a sub 6 mile within your first month.

That’s great – but you’ll all improve on your weak areas anyway. We’ll take what you’re good at, and make you better. We’ll take what you suck at, and make you work at it until you don’t suck anymore. 

That’s CrossFit.

Skills – CrossFit is a “Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains”.  *cue the blank stares*  That means we’re going to introduce new skills and you’re going to stumble with them. They take practice. The components of those skills are going to be both neurologically and physically challenging. Double unders, for example, are physically challenging in that you’re going to realize how deconditioned you are once you start stringing them together. Neurologically, they’re challenging because you’re teaching your body to make little circles with your hands, really fast, while making big hops with your feet, really slow, while accurately hopping over the rope each time it passes.  You have to practice, outside of the WODs, to make things like this come together.

Food – We’re advocates of healthy eating. How do we define healthy eating?  Clean/Lean protein, vegetables, some fruits, nuts seeds and fats, no sugar.  Done. That simple.  Once you take your mind out of the conventional wisdom mindset of food, and how you’ve eaten your entire life, it really is that easy.  Take a piece of meat or some eggs. Put it on the plate. Surround it with all kinds of vegetables – all colors and textures – drizzle some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the veggies or eat half an avocado with it, and throw some fruit in a bowl for dessert.  Have water with some lemon. Done. THAT. EASY.  Clean, healthy eating is not hard. It’s just a matter of DOING it.  So do it. 

TimelineThe first month, you’ll ache. You’ll be overwhelmed with the jargon and with the constant introduction of new movements.
It’s a good, growing ache. You’re going to discover your traps. You’re gonna get callouses.  You’ll probably get shin splints (if you do – see a coach, we need to talk).
The jargon and the movements will become more familiar after a month or two. If you have questions, ask. We’ll explain. We don’t want you to wing this. We want you to learn, so you can grow and build.
The second month, you’ll start seeing your clothes fitting different. They’ll be looser. You’ll sleep better. You’ll wake up better. You’ll be hungrier (eat clean. See the FOOD section).  Some of your clothes may actually fit tighter – as muscle grows and changes.  You’ll start shedding fat, but that’s really going to start happening in…
The third month. People will start noticing that you look…different…leaner. You’ll feel like you’re coming home when you come into the gym. You’ll look forward to the WOD being posted, and you’ll want to text me and ask what it is (don’t do that).

What I’m saying is…give this journey a minimum of three months.  It takes a three month commitment to really and truly see the difference this can make in your life. In the meantime, your membership is unlimited. Come in as often as you can. Get all the coaching we give.

You’ve got a new family here who’s glad to see you.


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