CrossFit Total Stats 12.01.2012

So here are the official numbers from this weekend’s CFT however, before you open the link, there are few things to remember.

  • There are few athletes that still need to test (or re-test because of various reasons) so these numbers will change again slightly in the next few weeks.
  • If you missed CFT this weekend and have numbers from the 10.01.2012 CFT then get with one of the coaches and we’ll get you set up to CFT soon.
  • As you review these numbers, don’t get caught up so much in small variances. There are various reasons for numbers dropping not limited to being sidelined or injured at some point over the last 8 weeks. Battling illnesses, lack of sleep, exhaustion, time of day and if you’re a woman – being on your cycle – can all affect your lifts on any given day. The important thing is that you gave it your all every day, every rep, every set.
  • Remember that there will always be variances in which lifts go up and by what amounts however you Press will always be the smallest of the three, followed by your Squat and then your Deadlift. Consequently, a 5 pound increase on your Press would be just as valuable as a 20 pound gain on your Squat and probably a 30 pound increase on your Deadlift.
  • Review your behavior patters over the last 8 weeks… if you didn’t increase as much as you wanted/hoped for – what did you to hurt your gains? Did you spend all weekend drinking and eating fried goodness? Did you sandbag the recommended weights during WODs? Did you stay up late playing BLOPS2?  Remember that so much of how you perform inside these four walls is impacted by the other 23 hours of the day you are not here.
  • Conversely, what did you do that worked? Did you up your sleep time? Start taking Omegas and D3? Did you work on mobility? Did you start eating more greens? Write notes and remember to keep what works and change what doesn’t.
  • Lastly, newer athletes will always have greater gains than seasoned athletes – that is pretty self explanatory, so don’t get caught up what someone else put on the board as much as what you put up on the board. There are many factors that affect these numbers outside of raw strength – weight, age, size, skill, balance and desire.

So without further adieu – CFT Stats 12.01.2012

Additionally, here is a chart to give you an idea of where you rank according to barbell standards as defined by Rippletoe, Kilgore, et al  

We’re really proud of the numbers guys, keep it up and let’s see what shows up next CFT in February!






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