Can I get a witness? Heather Langley – Bar to Bar…

Heather + firehoses – she doesn’t stop.

You guys know Heather. You’ve seen her run past you, heard her beg me to let her put more weight on the bar, and watched her do things that motivated and inspired you.

Here’s her story:

I was one of those people that would rather spend my time hanging out with my friends at a bar drinking all night rather than going to the gym. Honestly there were quite a few times that I would get dressed to go to the gym, walk in and see how crowded it was and turn around and go to the bar swearing to come back tomorrow and really push it out. Problem was I never would and the cycle continued. I never had any real energy unless it was ingested and my body was really paying the price. It wasn’t until I heard that my friend was coming to Crossfit that I thought I would give it a try. Why not what could one hour do right? Well that one hour turned into me making a huge change in my life.

And kicking Fran's Ass.

She used the bands for the pullups, but threw 65 pounds overhead and never blinked. I’m pretty sure Heather’s blood is made of bionic.

Coming to Crossfit changed everything for me. I honestly didn’t miss being at the bar while I was busy working under the bar and I had something to show for it. I was getting into great shape, had lots of energy, felt great about myself again and best of all my friends joined on top of the new friends I was making. Everyone there was supportive of everyone else regardless of what stage they were in (beginner or WOD Hero) especially me who couldn’t even do a regular push up. (Now I am able to do anything that is thrown my way) I was weak in many areas but it didn’t matter I had a team behind me, and not just a team but what turned out to be a family that was there in all aspects when I needed them especially now that I’m 5 months pregnant. I was never turned away but embraced and even though my workout weight has changed I’m still able to do the WOD and have had a healthy pregnancy without complications the entire time.

XFNA has been with me every step of the way and if it wasn’t for them there is no telling where I would be right now. Here is my before Crossfit picture and my picture now that I’m 5 months. Just think of where I would be if it wasn’t for Crossfit or even look at it as if I wasn’t pregnant. So if a pregnant lady can make time and has the energy to get in the box every week what’s stopping you?

You’ll notice she said she’s five months in the testimonial above…but Heather is now just over a month from her due date, and still kicking ass.


One Response to “Can I get a witness? Heather Langley – Bar to Bar…”

  1. I am so glad Heather decided to write this because she is amazing and such an inspiration to everyone that works out with her. She is the ultimate picture of what women are made of today. Go Heather!!!

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