Anatomy and physiology – tibialis anterior

See that highlighted in red? That’s what you’re telling me hurts when you say you have shin splints…

If I told you that you had an intimate and working knowledge of your tibialis anterior, the likelihood you would agree with me is probably slim.
If, however, I showed you this picture, you would emphatically agree with me and ask me how to make that relationship less intimate.

Your tibialis anterior (or TA for short) attaches at the top and front of your tibia (who knew?!) and crosses down to the inside of your ankle, all the way at the back end of your big toe.
It’s quite long, and responsible for a lot of ankle movement…including dorsiflexion (raising front of foot off the ground while keeping heel planted) and inversion (sweeping your foot toward your midline). That should give you an idea of why, when you say you have shin splints, your whole “all of it” hurts. It should also give you some idea on how tightness in your TA can interfere with your form for squats and deadlifts and running and…well. Anything involving your feet, really, right?

K Starr has some great stuff for you guys to work on this area…check the videos out.
Also, compression sleeves DO help, so if you’ve been dealing with some pain, go grab a pair. (They’re also great for deadlift days. No one likes leaving DNA on the bar.)


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