Get it right get it tight…

Ever since we made our programming changes, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in strength across the board – every athlete has improved in every lift during the past five weeks.
It’s awesome, it’s inspiring, and it lets us know that as coaches – we’re on a great path.


Now that I have your attention, we can discuss your cleans and jerks…speaking of technique – look at those CHERRIES!

So YAY for everyone putting up higher numbers.

But don’t let those higher numbers make you complacent on working your technique.

I shouldn’t even have to say this but here we are.

Working to the point of being “strong enough to muscle through a movement and feel respectable about it” is detrimental to this process. It’s essential that you work your technique – and mobility to improve your technique – so you can continue to add plates to the bar. Strength is going to get you only so far…after that, if you can’t throw your hips and whip your elbows up, you WILL NOT ADD PLATES. In fact, you will likely hurt yourself.

When we are discussing the different ways to improve your lift (with a lighter weight), we’re less concerned with the fact you get the bar up than we are with how you got it there. I know you can lift 65-95 pounds. Now lets talk about doing it RIGHT.

Technique…chase it.


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