Failure, Hate speak, and Ass whippings…

If you’re here, and you’re not failing, two things are happening.

1. We are failing you. 
2. You’re getting comfortable. 

Neither is acceptable.  In the first case, we aren’t challenging you enough to make you wonder, from time to time, wtf just happened to you and whether anyone got the number of the train that just ran you down.  In the first case, we’ve found your bubble and we’re not forcing you to pop it.

In the second, you’re not allowing yourself the novelty of exploring beyond your comfort zone. You’re simply happy to do “just good enough” to not be last. You’re happy with riding the blue band, running a 9 minute mile, and doing just enough to be in the upper middle number of people around you.

Not. Ok.

The ONLY way you’re going to get better is if you fail. If you figure out what DOESN’T work so you can ultimately figure out what DOES.  That’s what it means to be relentless.   You don’t have to be the strongest and the fastest to be the best. You just have to be the one who’s unwilling to quit. Be relentless. 


There’s a lot of that happening lately.  A lot of self loathing.  I hear it.  Hell, I take part in it. I call myself the “fat ass chunk monkey” quite frequently.  I didn’t realize how much until my kids called me out on it.  My point is – we’ve all got an inner monologue, and that voice carries more weight than anything anyone could ever say to you.  That inner voice is profound – it speaks our fears, our perceptions, and our inner realities – and it never. stops.

The hate speak has to stop. The hate speak is your worst enemy because it’s the voice you can never escape.

Look at what we do. Look at where you’ve been. Where you’re going. Where you started.

Not all of us came in here as athletes. Not all of us came in here unscarred from the playing field of life. In fact, many of us are emotionally and physically damaged, bent, dinged, torn, frayed.  Many of us have been knocked around and hurt.  Some of it has healed. Some of it is in process.  Self loathing, nitpicking, and negativity are more wearisome than almost anything I can think of – they’re a manner of abusing oneself. Physical abuse manifests in many ways, but so does mental/emotional abuse, not matter the source.

Appreciate yourself for what you do, keep pushing for more, but remember what’s happened, and what you did.  Know the days you mail it in and coast, but also know the days – and appreciate them – when you gave it everything you had.

Which brings me to


This is going to kick your ass.

The bar, the box, the ground, running, shin splints, whatever. It’s all a metaphorical ass whupping. Of course you’re never going to get hit here, or have anything thrown at you (except maybe a water balloon), but you’re going to get your ass whupped nonetheless.

“It ain’t the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog”

My mom used to tell me that all the time…usually referring to some scrape or another I’d gotten myself into, with someone more than likely significantly larger than I was.  Or, in response to my elementary / high school principals wondering how exactly it came to be that someone so small could do so much damage to another person.

Well. That’s  what happens when you’re not afraid to get hit, pushed down, or thrown around.  I was perfectly fine getting smacked around because as long as I could get up I had a chance of getting a few really good licks in, so I kept on keeping on. 

So it goes here. You’ve got to be willing to scrape your shin on a box, hit yourself with a barbell, fall down, get a DNF.  Then you write it down, and you come back tomorrow for some more.

That’s how winners are made – the relentless pursuit of being better. Better than yesterday.


Be relentless.


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