…thoughts on DNFs – Coach Danny

We had lots of DNFs today – this a good thing.

It means you now have another goal to add to the stack of goals you should be compiling so that you can later find space for it on your mantle of achievements.

The purpose of an “unknown cap WOD” is that you will go full steam from the beep until the moment we turn the timer off. The workout is designed to measure work capacity / endurance and therefore is prescribed at a weight which allows you to keep moving, but at a load that 99% of the gym will NOT be able to complete.

If we are to measure work capacity in relative terms (meaning: relative to YOUR level of intensity) then it only makes sense that you try and outwork yourselfand not a digital clock, not the person next to you and not a name on the whiteboard.

“Adversity doesn’t just build character, it reveals it.” – Vince Lombardi


In the same fashion that a CFT measures overall strength and sets goals for you to work towards, unknown cap WODS show you how far you’ve come yet how far you have to go.

Everyone remembers their 1st burpee WOD, their first running WOD, the 1st time they put a bar overhead… However, it’s very important as athletes, that we refuse to rest on those laurels… AND that we are reminded from time to time that while we wear bright clothes and make childish innuendos about Olympic Weightlifting moves, we’re still here to DO WORK.

Never lose focus of the big picture – that we all at some point decided to make a lifestyle change. A change that meant more than awesome Reebok shoes, sweet Paleo recipes, and mandatory Metallica on 11.

You’ll never get ahead of anyone as long as you try to get even with him. – Lou Holtz

CrossFit means that you’re going to wake up sore most days; that you’re going to get nicks, bruises and calluses in places you didn’t even know existed. XFIT means that you’re going to need a special detergent to get the funk out of your workout clothes and one of those hard scrubby thingies to make sure you get the mat stains off your elbows and knees.

And that you MAY will DNF.

Because understand this one indisputable fact : As much as CrossFit is about growth and achievement… more than anything else, it is about failure. Every. Single. Day. Over and Over.

But only through this failure, though this tempering of your steel temple, will you be stronger, faster and more powerful than the previous day.

Learn It. Live It. Love It. 


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