Can I Get A Witness Wednesday?! – Tino Izuora

I remember it like it was yesterday, this day marked the moment in my life when I decided on a new lifestyle change.

April 2nd, 2012 – 230lbs, 25% Body Fat, Obese Class 1

I’m the type of person who sticks to my guns on any decisions I’ve ever made in life. So when I walked through that metal door of XFNA for the first time, I knew it would be the first of many, I just didn’t know my reasons for staying would change so much.

As soon as I opened the door I was met with that smell of hard work I’ve grown to love, the exhausted yet smiling look of the class before me’s faces, meeting Jamie for the first time, and then wondering “uhh what the hell is she wearing??” haha.

Warm Up 2rds                        Skill                 WOD

20 Pass Throughs        Tabata             4 Rounds

20 Squats                    Squats             30 KB Swings

20 Pull Ups                 Sit Ups                        400 M Run

20 Sit Ups

20 Push Ups

I’ll admit it – I’ve done my fair share of work outs, P90x, Insanity, etc. And I’ll also admit that they weren’t easy, but nothing could prepare me for the above workout. Yeah looking back at it now, a lot of us would consider this to be a beginner WOD (Workout of the Day). But the sad truth is that I was only told to do half of that, and that half… kicked my ass. I was beat, but once I finished it I felt something great. Something I had never felt before, and I wanted more of it.

I was only doing 3 days per week at this time, but for the first time in my fitness endeavors, it wasn’t my own stubbornness that kept me walking through that door, no, it was that euphoric feeling of finally calling “TIME!” and completing WOD after WOD. It was meeting new people and making new friendships with individuals who all share the same fitness goals as I do. Whether it’s the amazing trainers who know their stuff in and out, or my fellow workout teammates who come from all different walks of life to this central hub to train hard each and everyday.

…these people.


They’ve grown to be a great percentage of the reason I keep coming back for more. We’re always pushing each other to be a better version of our selves. It’s always competitive, but that’s half the fun! Because even amongst that competition, we help each other to work harder and in return we work harder to become better. It’s a never ending cycle that only gets better as the months go by.


Just multiple times my body weight… NBD!

Speaking of months, in just only a month’s time, I already started to see a change in my energy levels, my body shape, and just overall happiness. I felt stronger, more agile, and just more aware of my sense of health. I’d already shed at least 20 lbs, and I had gone down from barely squeezing into a size 36, to fitting into a loose 34. PROGRESS, I love it, and at here at XFNA you’ll be seeing a lot of it. I will tell you though, that as much as I love CrossFit of North Arlington, I also know it isn’t for everyone. If you’re lazy, or find it hard to even motivate yourself to walk through that same door I did 5 months ago, if you’d rather continue putting on weight, and having unhealthy food become something that takes over your life, then yeah CrossFit of North Arlington isn’t for you. But if you appreciate hard work, and the rewards it nets you. If you want to be pushed past your limits, and meet a community of individuals who come together to sweat it out, busting their asses off, bringing it each and every time day in and day out…well then what are you waiting for? Try it out once! Its free the first time, you’ve really nothing to lose but weight 😛

9% Body Fat –

August 22nd, 2012 Weight 160lbs

4 Responses to “Can I Get A Witness Wednesday?! – Tino Izuora”

  1. Tino’s abs are rippling so much it looks like my computer screen is wiggling. o.o

  2. I am n shock!!! Well done my friend

  3. I’m working on getting back in there with y’all! I’m hoping to scrape together the cash by the 1st. Excited! Great job, Tino! This is simply amazing!

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