As we move along in our campaign to make you the best version of yourself you could ever be:
I will no longer post the WOD at the beginning of the day.
I won’t post the WOD in the middle of the day.
I will now post the WOD at the END of the day along with results on the leader board FROM the day.
Do not text me and ask what the workout is.
Do not ask me what you need to bring.

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for any amount of time, you’ve got a pair of gloves and some knee socks in your car, those two things will handle any eventuality we throw at you.

If you’ve just started and you do NOT have those things in your car, make it so.

Do not text me asking what the WOD is so you can plan on what to wear or what to bring or whatever you can think of in hopes I will tell you.

I won’t.
If you want to know the WOD…show up and do it.

Otherwise, you can be a spectator and wait til the end of the day for the results.



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