Can I get a witness Wednesday?! – Elizabeth Wise

Find your motivation… and then do it.

… sweating a loving it!

January 2012 was the actual start of “This time I’m going to lose weight…” although I didn’t really count on it. I was out of shape, overweight and just not happy with the way my body was looking. On top of that my Fiance and I set a date for our wedding…talk about pressure! So with all of those factors in play I went and bought the “Dig Deeper” videos. I was pumped! Ready to be fit, ready to work out every day, ready to eat right. Slowly I began to get bored and didn’t really see the results like I thought I would. I still did the workouts and noticed that I did lose some weight and did have better cardio but I was BORED!!

One day while I was talking to my brother he said that I should check out Crossfit because he thought I would like it. So I looked up the videos online and immediately texted him “Are you crazy?! Are you trying to kill me?!?” Of course he said no and that I should just go and try a class to see if I liked it.

I called CrossFit North Arlington and talked to Jamie. I told her I was doing at home videos but was really nervous I couldn’t do these workouts and I was still really out of shape. She told me to just try a free class if I like it then join if not then no pressure. So I went that same day. I thought that everyone there would be a super flat tummy, super fit person and I wouldn’t fit in at all because of where my fitness level was but it is definately not like that at all. Everyone is at different fitness level;  some are just starting and others have been there for over a year. So I tried it and this is where I can tell you that this was the beginning of my weight loss/ get in-shape journey.

I joined CFNA in April 2012 and can’t believe how far I have come in just a few months. When I first started I couldn’t do pull ups, was unable run over a mile, never lifted weights, and didn’t have a clue what a burpee was. Now I can do pull ups, run 2 miles, back squat 225 lbs, and I can say that I have done 150 burpees for a warm-up.

Dropping El Bees!!!

I can’t take all the credit though because I have Jamie and Danny as “Super Motivator Trainers”. Just when you think you can’t do another move you hear a voice saying “Come on Elizabeth. Keep moving!”

… getting swole!

I also love the fact that everyone there wants to see you succeed and congratulates you once you have hit a goal, even if it is a small goal. It also doesn’t matter if you are last to finish or first to finish (even though it is really cool when you are first) it is giving all you can give and completing the workout. 

… half the woman I used to be.

After 5 months of Crossfit I can say I love the way my body is starting to look and love the way I am starting to feel. I love the fact when people ask me what I have been doing to lose weight and I tell them Crossfit and they think I am crazy. When people say so what are you doing after Crossfit like it is a 90 day video program I just reply Crossfit. Now when it hits 4:45 pm I sit at work and no longer think “Oh I can’t wait till 5 so I can go home.” I think “I can’t wait until 5 so I can go workout!!!”.

I can tell you that for just the few months I have been doing this I can’t see myself going back to a gym or videos. I am definitely sticking with it and changing my life to be healthy and fit (notice I don’t say skinny) – so call these guys up and give it a try!!! 


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