Can I get a witness Wednesday?! – Charlotte Martin

Ten months ago I was pretty much the definition of ‘skinny fat’. Through high school and college, I was the type that focused more on school. I hated sports and hated physical activity. Being overweight wasn’t an issue; I just had no muscle.
To keep my weight down, I would take spin class at the local gym and attempt to ‘lift’ weights – maybe curl a 10 lb dumbbell. A very good friend of mine started CrossFit back in August of 2011.
When she told me, my words were “Are you crazy!? I’ve seen those people workout downtown and it’s HARD! I would never do that!” But she did it anyways. And she got results – quick.

PLUS, she looked good.

So one evening in November, I called her up and said “I’m going to try it. Please give me tips because I’m REALLY nervous and no one else is willing to try it with me”.

I was so nervous my first day. When I arrived, there were only 3 guys and you could tell they had been doing CrossFit for awhile. But I did it anyways, and everyone was very supportive (even if I barely did half of the WOD). It was the hardest workout I had ever done. On Thanksgiving, I could barely move. Just sitting hurt. I had never been this sore in my life – but I loved it.

First month I went twice a week to get the hang of things. I could not press the bar (45 lbs). My coach had to help me lift the bar and then I would do the negatives. Pull-ups on the green band were extremely difficult and Deadlifting was an art that I had trouble learning.
Then on the third month I started going 4 to 5 times a week. I was becoming stronger – I could actually press the bar! I was learning the movements, improving my form, getting just a little bit faster.
On the sixth month is when I feel that I finally had something to call STRENGTH. I could actually put weight on that 45 lb bar! And the green band was a thing of the past. I had moved on to the next less resistant band.
From months six to nine I had the most improvements in both strength and physical appearance. My clothes fit great. I don’t mind wearing a sports bra in front of people (which was a HUGE fear for me in the beginning- I usually wore baggy gym shorts and a loose T-shirt). I can now Rx some of the workouts.
And best of all, I have new confidence and other people are noticing as well!
So where do  I go from here? What do I do now?… The thing we engineers do best – make things better, faster, stronger 🙂

See you at the finish line… my finish line.

Thank you CrossFit North Arlington!!!

2 Responses to “Can I get a witness Wednesday?! – Charlotte Martin”

  1. Charlotte that is very inspirational….and you look great!!! Way to go on staying with it and pushing through. I have not been to CF in over a month but I am going to be getting back in to the swing of things now that my travel schedule has somewhat tamed down.

    Luckily I have the dedication to use the gym at the hotels and at minimum do some cardio sessions to “keep up” with my fitness.

    Hope to see you there!! (I’ll probably be hitting up either the 6AM class or 5PM class)


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