Come on get happy…

I’m writing this from my phone while sitting at a car dealership…people watching.

People watching is one of my favorite “sports” simply because we are such varied and remarkable creatures.

We are also so. Bitterly. Unhappy.

I’m struck by the number of people I see who are just angry. not because of anything that has just happened…no, it seems to be more along the lines of the natural state of being for most people these days.

Laughter seems out of place. So much so that when I hear it I immediately search why. What’s caused this outburst of momentary joy? I must find out!

Sadly, it seems that the majority of the time the laughter is at the expense of someone else – but that’s a story for another day.

There are certainly many reasons for this overwhelming negativity. Not the least of which is financial, familial stress, or vocational stress – or any combination of all three.

But seeing this is also causing me to reflect on you guys. How so many of you started out with that same initial impatience and borderline anger when you walked into our gym, and how incredibly different you are today.

Our gym is a place of quick minds, close relationships, belly laughter, and genuine positive energy. I can’t help but think of our gym as an island in this world – where true happiness is cultivated by working ourselves and our minds and finding strengths we never new we needed or possessed.

Perhaps the confidence that comes with making peace with your body and your mind and your energy has something to do with it.

Perhaps finding a home away from home and like minded people has something to do with it.

Maybe it’s comfort in the knowledge that in one hour of your day you will move and work more than most people do in an entire week.

Me? I think it’s because through using your body and pushing yourself, you’ve released that pent up aggression, you’ve flown, you’ve ran and jumped and rolled, and your brain and your body responds to that primal stimulus with enthusiasm and vigor.

But you guys are happy.

You smile.
You laugh.
You giggle and you play.
You enjoy your life.

You are so atypical, and I’m so proud to know you because of that. I’m so glad that you choose us as your playground.

And you know what? If you’re not in that place yet…if you’re still in the angry, resentful, wheel spinning, grumpy mindset so many people are in these days…stop it.

Look around.

Chances are – you have working limbs, an able mind, and your basic needs are met. Start from there.

Find an outlet. Any outlet. Use it to bleed out that stress and aggression so that you can relax.

Don’t underestimate the power of smiling at another person. The difference a smile can make is phenomenal.

If you doubt me – look around. Look at the grocery line, Starbucks, the mall, where ever you’re at. Grumpy faces everywhere. Unnecessarily grumpy.

Learn to take joy in little things – your cup of coffee, the smell of leather, good music, a barbell callous, a good deep stretch, a good steak, your garden, the feel of your mate’s hand holding yours.

Life is not that bad.

And if it IS?

REVEL in the good parts.



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