Can I get a witness Wednesday?! – Sydney Wells

A Tale of Two Syds… by Sydney Wells

“My journey with Crossfit North Arlington began January 25th 2012. I heard about it through a friend (Jason) who thought it was completely amazing. After some research, I realized I should probably wait until I completed my 1st Half-Marathon so I was completely ready. Surely, if I can run that, I can do this “Crossfit thing”- GOD was I wrong!

At the time, I was under the impression that ONLY running and proper supplementation is how a person gets “fit”. While this concept helped me shed 35lbs, it made me “skinny” but I was still lacking all SEXY MUSCLES that I was after!

When I walked in the doors of Crossfit North Arlington and met Jamie and John I was instantly freaked. Who is this crazy woman? And why am I so scared that I have to come back? I, of course, returned two days later as the soreness in new places reassured me it was working and I was hooked.

It’s a trap! No seriously, those are trapezius muscles…

Fast-forward 7 months later and I can tell you that I’ve gained far more from joining than I ever anticipated. What can you expect joining us? You can expect to join a family of people dedicated to achieving the best and then pushing further. You can expect enjoying an hour full of dedicated instruction and hard work!

Your quality of life will dramatically change. How? Mentally, I WON’T deal with BS! And physically? Well, lets just say that everyday life is a breeze! Parking far from the door? No problem. Taking the stairs to the 3rd floor? No problem. Carrying all the grocery on one trip? No problem. I’ve also realized life is quite cut and dry. Either you do or you don’t. You WILL or you WON’T and if you WON’T then I’m not interested.

Crossfit North Arlington will give you a fresh perspective on reality. We are a gym full off very different individuals willing to put the work into our bodies and encourage each other in the process! Mentally I am far tougher than my body can reflect. I never thought I could look this sexy and more importantly my mind is forever changed.

… a lot more than my iPhone case changed in those 7 months!

My Saturday mornings as a normal 22 year old used to consist of well.. a hangover let’s face it. Now my Saturday’s are waking up in anticipation over what HERO WOD my team and I will conquer.

Life dramatically changes when you put what’s important FIRST and your health and mental state are those things!


2 Responses to “Can I get a witness Wednesday?! – Sydney Wells”

  1. Sean Welch Says:

    Sydney is so awesome! Keep doing your thing Syd, you motivate me like crazy!

  2. I can’t say enough good things about this CrossFit community (just ask my friends and family!) Syd, you’re the kind of tough I aspire to be; no nonsense, no excuses, no quitting. You’re amazing, and it shows.

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