Real beauty…

There’s no way to sugar coat what I’m about to say. I’ve opened the paragraph several times, edited, deleted, and started over more than I like. So I’ll just throw it out there.

If you’re looking at magazines and holding yourself to a standard of beauty as dictated by celebrities and photoshop – stop it right now. This is across all genres…because those people and those images and those lifestyles ARE NOT REAL.  Their lifestyles are unsustainable without incredible damage to their bodies, and ultimately they ARE NOT healthy.

So stop it.

Google search “Magazine Photoshop before and after”.  Look at those people. Those are the people to whom you’re comparing yourself.  Look at what the editors DO to those people’s bodies…look at their REAL bodies.  There’s nothing WRONG with their real bodies…but they’re being crafted to look fantastically unreal.

Hard truth:

You. Will. Never. Look. Like. You’ve. Been. Digitally. Altered. Without. Being. Digitally. Altered.

Your body isn’t MADE to be that way. So for the love of God, stop listening to the voice in your head telling you that you suck for not being celebrity doppelganger.

Moving past the photoediting – these people live on cocaine, cigarettes, yogurt, and very few calories. That level of thinnification takes WORK. And it’s not healthy. They’re avoiding calories. They’re avoiding HEALTH…to be thin.  Some people are naturally thin and slender – I’m not talking about those people. I’m talking about the people who have to live on cigarettes and yogurt to be camera ready at all times.

Your body is made to be healthy. It’s made to have muscle to be able to avoid being eaten by sabretooth tigers, tyrannosaurus rex, and zombies. Your body is made to bend, twist, jump, move, spin, lift, throw, fly, sprint, hang, climb, dip, drop, pop, and so very much more. Healthy bodies are able to withstand illness, stress, and work.  Healthy bodies are challenged and pushed and anticipate the challenges. Healthy bodies are well bodies. They don’t need stimulants and suppressants and diversions. A healthy body at a size 4 or 6 or 10 is so much better than an unhealthy, unwell body at a size 0 or 2.  An unwell body won’t take you into your older years. It will break down.  It will betray you in your later years for the neglect you’re showing it right now.

Until you can change your perspective, change the voices in your head – make them like you instead- you’re going to struggle.  It’s time we (me included – I’m struggling with this issue at this very second) learn to LIKE the results of our work. Learn to LIKE the delicious curve of muscle. Celebrate that effort. Stop looking at the label. Stop comparing what is real and right here and right now with what is manufactured in a pretend world.

Your body, my body, they’re REAL bodies and we are REAL people. We should celebrate them. Every day.


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