Moments of weakness

Life is defined by our moments of weakness.


What a horribly UN-inspiring thing to say, right? I mean…you want life and legacy to be determined by those shining moments where you got that awesome gold star by your name. Those moments when things just went RIGHT. Because in those moments you shone. You did awesome.  Of course you want your legacy, your definition of self, to come from those moments.
THOSE moments ARE awesome.

More awesome are the quiet moments. The moments you’re not in the spotlight. No one is looking. No one has their eye on you, no one is scrutinizing every movement. The moments when…

No one’s going to know if you don’t make the bottom of the squat, or lock the top out on the weight, or open your hip completely. Maybe you’re by yourself. Maybe you’re in a gym where no one looks for those things. Maybe I’m not looking.  Maybe you’re at home debating between some chicken and vegetables, or having a glass of wine and some chocolate cake.

Either way – it’s a moment of weakness. When it becomes an internal debate – It’s a moment of weakness.

And what you do right then and there tells your story. Do you cave? Do you relent? To you eek it out?

Or do you do what you know you need to?


Moments of weakness define you. Capitulation to something outside your own self defines you. Remember that.


One Response to “Moments of weakness”

  1. I really like to try Crossfit. It’s very popular in Asia nowadays and I am growing very curious. My friends say it’s best to pair with my paleo diet lifestyle (been with Paleo for years)

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