Winning? Or is it….

You walk in.

You read the board.

You warm up. You do your skill.

You set up for the WOD.

We discuss the movements and the standards for the movements. We scale your weights and assign loads and any variations.

Then the clock starts. You see everyone, and yourself, moving. You’re pumping it out and you’re through the first round and holy F*CK the barbell got heavy!

“Is she sure I can move this much weight? I mean, the first round it was okay but…damn. I’m starting to slow down! And double unders! I can do them but doing them in the WOD sure does suck…Sh*t…it’s the end of round three and people are starting to get ahead of me…damn okay.  Time to strip down and lose some of this weight and just FORGET double unders. I’m gonna switch to singles. I can’t be last I can’t be last I can’t be last I can’t be last….TIME! Ahhhhh the workout’s over…..and I wasn’t last.”

Well. You weren’t last.

But did you get better?

What did you give up so that you wouldn’t “lose”? And, if you finished faster than the person who didn’t strip weight, and didn’t switch over to singles*…did you really win? Really?  What did you sacrifice so you wouldn’t have to cope for a moment with the idea that you didn’t finish before everyone else?  Why are you comfortable on the band that lets you string 20 pullups together, and totally uncomfortable and unwilling to use a band that will only let you put five to seven together? It’s still a band.

I’ll tell you.

You lost the chance to get better. You were so worried about your speed, and NOT BEING LAST, that you didn’t grind it out.  You cut yourself off because of your fear. You missed the opportunity to really and truly push through that wall and get better.
Don ‘t deny yourself this chance.  Take it. Seize it even. Look forward to the time when you have to push through and GET IT DONE. That’s the mental and physical challenge you must overcome.


*Please note: I am not talking about a moment when the degradation of form is such that you cannot safely complete the movement anymore. I’m talking about the moment when you can’t string them together “fast enough” to “compete”.  The point of the bands is to NO LONGER NEED THEM. The point of the boxes is to KEEP JUMPING HIGHER.


The whole point is to keep bettering yourself. Remember why you’re here.



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