I’ll tell you straight – you want this?

You’ve got to commit to it. You have to give yourself the full and honest commitment of three months of your time. You’ve got to make it a priority in your day…plan the REST of your life around this. You have to eat to support it. You have to make a conscious choice every single day to give your all in this commitment to bettering yourself.

If you’re thinking “oh I’ll try it a month…” let me just put this out here –
You’ll need more than a month to get into this. You can’t learn to do this in a month. You can’t learn to accept that it’s going to be hard in a month. You can’t measure progress for only a month and see where you’re going to be.
You need three months.
And during that three months – give it your all. All of the time. Commit. Hard work reaps great rewards.


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