The process…

Week 1: You’ve started. You had your first day and HOLY SMOKES that was…interesting…and DIFFERENT! And FUN! and…whoa. You’re sore but your coach says “Keep moving, use the stairs, don’t get stiff you’ll regret it!” so you dutifully try to work it out. But hey! It’s week 1 and you’re kicking ass!

Week 2: People are starting to look familiar. You are learning names and aren’t terrified when you walk through the door. Still scared, but not ready to double back when you think no one’s looking. Still sore though. Does this ever go away?

Week 3: Stronger! Already! More flexible! Already! Holy smokes you’re kicking CrossFit’s ASS baby! Hellz yeah! EVERY BODY NEEDS TO HEAR ABOUT CROSSFIT THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER! Your friends are starting to tune you out because all you can talk about is all these girls (Cindy? There are still women our age named FRAN? REALLY?) Still sore.

Week 4: You’ve completed your first month. Torn your hands at least once. Scraped your shin on the box at least once. Enthusiasm at an all time high though because you’re seeing your progress – you’re noticing your clothes are fitting differently. This is a good thing. Everyone loves tangible progress! Still sore. Seriously.

Weeks 5-11: You read the board and (mostly) know what to do. Your coach doesn’t scare you anymore. You’re starting to do more complex movements with more confidence. You’re adding plates to the bar and having to make new holes on your belt. You feel great. You sleep like a baby. You still talk about your new interest to everyone, but not to that annoying happypuppyomg enthusiasm you had. Which is good. Because your friends were starting to glaze over, change the subject, and have other things to do when you wanted to hang out. Not as sore. Which is awesome.
You’ve also during this time taken a new interest in your nutrition because seriously…why work this hard and sweat this much if you’re going to ruin it with donuts and fried chicken between classes? Coach has you cutting out your grains (who needs ’em anyway) and sugar, and has recommended you cut out your dairy as well. Any way you look at it the nutritional changes have taken your results to a new level.

Weeks 12 and beyond: The work is showing! You’re moving so well! You’re confident in your body during the workouts…enough so that you KNOW you can push beyond your comfort zone without feeling completely unprepared to do so. You’re a leader now – people have started to see the light in your eyes, you’re smiling more, you enjoy your life, your libido has skyrocketed, and you look forward to your daily dose of merriment.


This changes you. You change you. The timeline is real and it’s evident. Your brain, your body, they WANT to be challenged. That’s why we place such incredible value on the things we’ve worked so hard to achieve. Keep seeking the challenges. They make you better.


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