Let’s get real for a minute.

There are some fairly uncomfortable truths we’ve all got to face.  Death and taxes are two of them. Can’t avoid either.

But there’s also this one:
If you don’t like it…it’s your responsibility to change it.

You’re in charge of your life. I’m not. Your spouse isn’t. Your parents (assuming you’re a grown-up and not some form of adult-child that I keep seeing these days) aren’t in charge of your life anymore. It’s you.  At the end of the day, if there’s something in your life you find yourself consistently complaining about, you have to take the reins and change it.

Whether it’s your health, your job, your car, your residence, whatever…you’ve got the power to fix it. If you don’t, you don’t get to complain about it. Because you’re choosing to live that way.

If you’re overweight, unhealthy, unhappy with your life…change it. Put down the soda, throw away the bread, hug your kids, get in bed, get some sleep, wake up, drink some black coffee, eat some eggs and sweet potatoes and ham, and get moving. It will not be easy. It will, in fact, go against every habit you’ve ingrained in yourself for the past several years.

But it’s worth it. There will be a day, soon, when you wake up and realize that you love your life. You love yourself.  You can do that. You can make that change. You just have to want to.

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