It’s in you.

I think that may be a sports drink slogan?

At any rate – it IS in you. That ability, that want, that compulsion to make your life better. It why you go to work. It’s why you eyeball high def TVs when they’re on sale at Best Buy.  It’s what motivates you to get out of bed and suck it up and make it through another day.

Materially. It’s easy to work for something material. It’s tangible. You can see it, touch it, taste it, drink it, drive it (never together), or give it.  Material things are so very easy to measure and see and you can feel that immediate gratification, so you don’t mind it.

But looking in the mirror and liking what you see? Changing a lifetime of bad habits? Getting stronger? Becoming faster?  Those things are harder to attain. You have to CHASE them. Then, you have to realize they’re not an immediate return on the work, so you have to keep working. You don’t get a weekly paycheck to deposit when it comes to these things. Your paycheck is in the form of a smaller belt, more weight on the bar, and a nicer ass. These are slow to show up…

But so worth it. That moment when you move more weight than you did before…it’s a fantastic feeling.

Realizing you have a REASON to go shopping for new clothes – nothing in your closet fits – indescribable. (And, admittedly, expensive.)

You possess the drive to make your life better. You have the ability, and the capability, to get up and make the changes necessary to improve your quality of living. You are the one responsible for what your day to day looks like.

You have a choice: You can wake up every morning dreading the day. Aching. Tired. Too physically or mentally exhausted to enjoy your life…


You can wake up every day ready to take on the world. Ready to push your body. Ready to play. Ready to really live.

That’s your choice. Every day. Every morning. The ability to LIVE is in you. You just have to make the choice to do it.


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