DOing the work…

You gotta do the work. You gotta do the work you’re given the way it’s given to you.

What does that mean?

Well. It means that if you can string together 5 or more double unders, you’re doing double unders in the WOD, and not switching to singles because it’s faster.

It means that if you can do pullups on a skinny blue band, you’re not stacking a green one with it so you can go faster in the workout.

It means that if you can jump on the 24″ box, you’re not hopping up on the 14″ box just so you can go faster.


Faster CAN mean better, but not if faster comes at the expense of form or load. You don’t get better by staying in your comfort zone…so you’ve got to do the workout and REALLY put yourself into it when it gets hard. When you feel like you CAN’T do the double unders? And you’re struggling to string even two of them together? THAT’S when you SHOULD do double unders. MAKE your body do what your brain knows it can.

Resorting to the easier path, switching to the easier task, for the sake of not being last, or for being able to call TIME faster – you’re not helping yourself. You’re cutting yourself short of the workload…and you’re not going to grow that way.


Do the work. Push yourself. Step outside if what you know and get uncomfortable.

You’ll be better for it.



One Response to “DOing the work…”

  1. Ooooooo I cant wait to die in todays workout!!

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