Growing up?

We did broadjumps earlier this week, and the consistent refrain was “Damn. That was a LOT more fun when I was a kid!!”

There are a LOT of things we did as kids we don’t do anymore…

As kids we ran around and played and threw things and jumped on them and we didn’t do it because someone yelled GO!, we did it because it was amazing using our bodies and discovering what we can do with them and pushing ourselves. I did at least. As a kid I would jump from one TREETOP to another, with very little regard for what would happen if I missed…because I knew I wouldn’t miss.

At some point…that confidence disappears. I’m not talking about the fearlessness. I’m talking about the confidence that the desired outcome is going to happen. The confidence that, even if you’ve never done it before, it’s GOING to work.

That’s the greatest thing to see here…to see people using their bodies again, or even for the first time, in ways they didn’t think about…to see people having fun with it and playing. I’m not saying this isn’t hard and that this doesn’t suck sometimes, but damn y’all…this is fun. You get to hop. Skip. Bounce. Pull. Push. PLAY. As grownups your body is still playing.

Stay playful folks. That’s where the joy is in life.


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