There’s nothing like…

…loading more weight on the bar than you’ve ever moved before.

…the feeling of FINALLY getting your hips into a movement, when you make the bar just float up.

…the sweet sweet pain of a baseball in your buttcheek.

…the thick, heavy, somewhat jelly feeling after a squat tabata.

…the moment the countdown begins.

…PNF stretching, standing, and feeling your body move.

…calling TIME.

…watching someone work out for the first time, and empathizing with them because you were once there yourself, and realizing…you’re not the new guy anymore.

…running barefoot for the first time.

…NOT needing a band for pullups.

…discovering that the harder your workout, the more readily your palette changes…moving toward healthier foods.

…running the WHOLE mile.


…hitting the bottom of a squat, then digging it out and standing up.

…meeting people who are as committed to their heath as you are to yours.


2 Responses to “There’s nothing like…”

  1. I clicked like on this. that’s not good enough though. i LOVE this. great stuff. Heading out to do a pull ups workout til I can’t lift my arms above my head

  2. AMEN to ALL that sista !!!

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