2 years…reflection

Our anniversary was Saturday. It passed largely unnoticed. Mainly because anniversaries aren’t really my thing, and because let’s face it…St. Patrick’s Day is not a day you’ll be thinking about how far we’ve come.

But…folks…we’ve come really…really…really far. We’ve made impressive strides in our gym and in our training and we’ve done things I only dreamed about three years ago.

We started out upstairs, on the tiny little pullup bar up there. We had two sets of bumpers, three bars, a few medicine balls, and a couple of kettlebells. I admit that back then, our programming was limited – mainly due to experience, but also due to equipment. As we got more gear, we got more creative.

You’ll see many, many posts through the interwebz about the physical transformations CrossFit has inspired in people. They’re incredible. They’re sometimes gut wrenching. They’re inspirational and they’re motivational and I’m so very very blessed to be a part of this crazy wonderful thing.

Two and a half years ago, I was waiting for my cert, studying, reading, learning everything I could about programming and biomechanics and movements; I was observing, reading, and talking to people. Learning. CrossFit was more than a change in diet and exercise for me. It was my Golden Ticket. I desperately needed..not wanted…this to be something that people wanted to do. In that desperation, I also wanted to be able to give something to every individual who came into my gym. I wanted them to be empowered. To feel whole. To feel like they belonged. I wanted them to have everything that I…at that time…was lacking.

My “Golden Ticket” was one that was going to change my, and my children’s lives, pretty much forever. Up to that point, I’d always been half of a partnership. Had someone to either a) take care of everything or b) help take care of everything. I’d been a wife and a mother, but I’d never ever been independent. Ever. The burden was going to be 100000% on my shoulders, and no one else’s. That’s not to say that I haven’t had help…Phil is a perfect business partner and his contributions have been of course, invaluable. John’s help has been essential.

So I worked. I read. I learned. I tried. I spent every waking moment trying to make this place better…for you guys AND for me.

And in doing so, CrossFit gave me my indpendence. My backbone. CrossFit, and running the box, taught me to take care of myself, and my business, with a focus I never knew I had. CrossFit gave me the realization that I don’t NEED anyone to do anything for me. I’ve got this. Every workout you guys do…Every new member who joins our ranks…Every class we have…reminds me…I have done this…I can do this…and it just keeps getting better.

And believe me…it is just getting better. We’ve grown so much in the past year we’ve had to take down part of the climbing gym. We STILL need more floor space. Our equipment orders are flush. We’ve got a snazzy new pullup structure. We’ve become a big family. You guys don’t consider one another just people who go to the same gym, many of you are friends.

That empowerment, and that belonging, and that utter fearlessness permeates the air here.


Thank you, all of you, past and present, for the past two years. You guys are part of something bigger than you could ever realize. You are all such an indelible part of my life, and have changed me in ways I never foresaw, that I can’t express my thanks enough. The past two years have been an amazing ride. Sometimes it was a breathless, uphill battle, but more often than not this has been fun. And challenging. And real.

So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Here’s to many more.


2 Responses to “2 years…reflection”

  1. I am happy for you!
    I am happy you were there when I dared to take Crossfit for a test drive.
    I am happy beginning crossfitter because you were there.
    I am happily anticipating a life-time of healthy crossfitting because you were there.

    Thank you!

    I wish you and all at CFNA many more years of prosperity and happiness…

    “it’s about getting better”

  2. riveramd Says:

    Coming to XFNA is the best part of my day – hands down. First thing I do when I get up is think about how many hours have to pass before I come back in the door and do work with my workout family.

    Thank you for building this great community and continuing to inspire us to be best athletes we can be.

    Without you, we would all be wandering the fitness wilderness looking for our home. You’re like our ginger’d Moses… without all the facial hair and sandals.

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