Why I love what I do…

Every day…I get to get out of bed to a job I, for the most part, love. This isn’t a statement most people can make. Most people trudge through their day looking for the end of it so they can restart tomorrow.

I’m lucky.

I get to watch my people come in here and develop. I get to watch people transform themselves into confident, strong, mentally tough people…people who aren’t afraid to take on new experiences. People who may be nervous about a given moment, but are looking at coming out the other side better for it.
I get to see that AHA! moment when someone nails a lift, strings a movement together, or snaps several double unders together.
I get to hear the warrior scream when one of you is PR’ing a lift…moving weight that you’d previously never dreamed of moving.
I get to see someone who couldn’t do a simple pass through finish one…and share in their amazement at visible, real, tangible progress.
I can celebrate weightloss, added weight on the bar, and personal triumphs with you guys.
I hear your encouragement of one another…the “Don’t stop” and the “Come on, you can do it…” and feel that sense of community you’re creating within these walls.

Every day, I get to see you guys shine in your moment. You all won’t have moments every single day, but when you have yours, I GET TO SEE IT.

I love what I do because of your commitment to yourselves and each other.

You guys make this worth it. Thank you.


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