Mind your six…

Here lately, I’ve noticed a trend in the gym that…honestly…I’m not liking at all.

Not what I was talking about but now I have your attention…

Everybody wants to worry about every body else’s workout. Either actually in class while you’re supposed to be working, or after class later on in conversation. Someone wants to armchair quarterback this house, and it’s not okay.

The supermostradawesomething about CrossFit, and our programming, is that it’s infinitely scalable. It’s tailored to the individual and the individual’s needs and goals. Your needs and goals may not match my needs and goals which certainly don’t match another person’s needs and goals. Rounds, weights, reps, and movements are ALL scalable to the individual athlete. And, you may not be privy to the scaling for someone else in the class. You may not know what conversations I’ve had, or John’s had, or Rob’s had, with that person about what’s going on in their world.

So since you DON’T KNOW…the best thing you can do is mind YOUR six.

You’re here for YOUR workout. You’re here to get YOUR results. You’re here, and your name is up on that board (if it is) so that YOU can post what YOU’VE done without worrying for a second what anyone else is doing. YOUR results matter to me. Not your results compared to so-and-so’s numbers, but what YOU are getting out of this.

It’s not for you to worry about what anyone else is doing.

Keep track of your work.
Keep track of your numbers…on the bar and on the clock.
Keep track of your food.
Keep track of your range of motion.
YOU keep track of YOU.

This doesn’t mean don’t enjoy the competitive aspect of CrossFit. The competitive aspect is what makes it fun.

But keep the competition pure. This sport is about putting your best out there, every time. It’s about integrity…finishing the workout as programmed…not cheating yourself on reps, movements, or loads. Be impeccable with yourself, your workout, and your life. THIS is the competition. THIS is what it’s about.

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