So why haven’t you?

“I’m gonna start Monday…”
“I’m gonna do it…I just gotta do this first…”
“I’m gonna get in shape, I just gotta…”

So seriously, while you’re reading this, why haven’t you? What, aside from the myriad of excuses running through your mind, has stopped you?

Whatever fear is holding you back…let go. Nothing is going to happen that is so bad you can’t overcome it. Soreness will go away. Intimidation from the barbells will go away as you’re exposure to them increases.

Whatever you think is going to happen is probably so far removed from the reality…the only way to dispell it is to come in.

And you know what? This isn’t for everyone. If it’s not for you, that’s fine. At least you’ll be able to say why, to say you tried, to quantify that statement with an experience. Isn’t that what this is all about, anyway…this life? Getting and learning and doing something new so you can say you did? And maybe while you’re at it, improving your overall quality of living?

So, if you’re nervous, if you’re scared, if you’re curious…just come in. Just try a class. If you hate it…no harm no foul. My feelings won’t be hurt and I certainly understand.

But just so you know…You just might like it. Something inside of you…at the core of your being…may rise up to the idea of being pushed, and challenged, and you may respond on levels not previously considered. Wouldn’t that be a sight…to find that something inside of you that says “Hell no, I will not be beaten, and if I am, it won’t be without me giving my all…”? You won’t know, until you come in.


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