Defining parameters…

Quick, right now, or as soon as you can, strip to your skivvies and snap a pic in your bathroom mirror.
Now do it again next Friday.
And again the next.
Look at what is happening to your body. Is it morphing shape, changing size, etc.? Do you see lines and definition where you didn’t before? Is it staying the same?

Obviously, there are changes. If there aren’t, WE need to change something with what WE are doing…whether it’s a more stringent nutrition plan, or more time in the gym.
Because so many of the goals we start out with are somewhat ambiguous (LOSE WEIGHT! TONE UP! GET STRONGER!) we don’t have any real frame of reference for when we’ve met them.
Take that picture.
Then, grab a notebook. Figure out what your numbers are – inches, pounds, pounds on the bar, times on the clock, tags in your clothes. Bring that notebook with you to every class, and record your workouts. Keep track. Log it!
Now, figure out what’s important. Inches lost or gained, pounds on the bar, times on the clock. Everything else (the vanity part) falls into place once those are taken care of.
Now open your refrigerator and pantry. Look at ALL of the crap food you have and get rid of it.

If you’re looking to get stronger, fix a number and work to it, blow past it, and find a new number. Do the same thing.
If you’re looking to lose inches, set that goal, then kill it. NUTRITION plays a big part here.
If you’re looking to get faster, you’re going to have to push yourself. How much faster? A few seconds each time sounds great.
If you’re looking to get more rounds in, you’re going to have to push yourself EVERY TIME we have an AMRAP.

My point is, take something ambiguous and give it a definition. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to track your progress more easily.


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