Now you know what you want…

Let’s work on making a plan to GET it.
Most people, when asked about fitness goals, generally respond with one of the following:
a) Lose weight.
b) Tone up (I don’t really know what that means…but we’re going to try to address it anyway).

It’s great to have goals, but neither of those are very specific. It’s helpful to see that you’ve got an idea of what you’re trying to accomplish, but really, that’s like turning off the lights and looking for the needle in the haystack.

We can’t go in blind.

Especially for people who lead sedentary lives, their first couple of months of CrossFit are going to be spent gaining muscle. If you’re the type to hinge judgment of your ‘results’ on the scale, this is not going to go well. It’s entirely possible to go up in weight, but down in size. How will you define “losing weight”? Will it be a smaller dress or jeans size? Will it be sheer numbers on the scale? Figure those parameters out.

Toning up. Guys, seriously, someone define this for me. If you’re saying this because you want to see and feel muscle tone, then…that means you’re going to have to get stronger, so there’s muscle tone to show.

But both come back to body recomposition.

So…how do we DO that?
Here’s the plan:

Cut the crap from your diet. The processed foods that come in the wrappers. The sugar. The alcohol. The empty useless calories that do nothing but spike your insulin and leave you dissatisfied.

Plan your meals a week in advance.
Stop going out to eat. If you MUST – because of business or travel – be smart about it, scour the ingredients in what you’re ordering, then realize that – due to American style gluttony, you should probably only actually eat half of it.

Don’t just change your own eating habits, change your family’s as well.
This does not apply to anyone doing the Whole9 30 day challenge. Trying to Whole30 an entire family is a miserable experience that will frustrate you to the point of failure. So, with that in mind, STOP BUYING CRAP FOR YOUR KIDS. If you choose not to eat it, don’t buy it for them because “it’s easier” than making the real food. Kids are no excuse.

Exercise. A solid strength training program that works with a conditioning program. Get off the treadmill for the hour and actually move some weight. You need a barbell for this. You need a coach to teach you correct movements. You need to commit to and become familiar with being uncomfortable at LEAST three times a week. Not just a little uncomfortable, but full on holy shit you just kicked your own ass finish up and fall over.

Recover. Your body needs recovery time. You can use the day off to take a yoga class, go for a light trail ride, take a pilates class…whatever. Just take the time to recover, rest, and enjoy the results you’re getting.

Sleep. I can’t stress this enough. None of you are getting enough sleep. You’re staying up late to unwind and then having fitful sleep through the night so you can wake up early and go to work. Sleep with your room blacked out…it makes a difference. ALL lights need to be off. If your alarm clock has a light, use your phone instead. Get your sleep. Don’t think you can “Make it up” on the weekends. No, you can’t.

There’s your plan. Now, get off your ass and get in gear. It’s worth it.


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