The difference between wanting and getting…

We live in a society of “want”…we want a LOT of things. The big houses, the nice cars, the designer clothes. Some of us want a simpler life than others, but overall…we want. That’s what goal setting is for.
Goal setting is important, it helps you realize what is and isn’t important to you. You figure out how badly you want something, and then you figure out how to work for it.
This is essential…recognizing you want something is only the FIRST STEP. The second, and more important step is to make the plan to acquire the goal. The final step is to actually take action on the plan.

A GOAL WITHOUT ACTION IS MERELY A DREAM. Dreams are good, but they will never come true without action on a plan.

What IS your goal? To add more weight to the barbell? How are you going to achieve it? Figure out what you want, then figure out how you’re going to get it.


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