100%…100% of the time…

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug”, isn’t that how it goes? Some days you’re on your game, answering emails and returning phone calls as soon as you receive them. And it rocks. Because you’re…like…kicking ass and taking names and RAHHH LOOKIT HOW PRODUCTIVE YOU ARE! Then you come to CrossFit and holy smokes! The workout is EXACTLY all of your favorite movements together, so you kick the living crap out of it. After your self congratulatory pat on the back, you realize…damn…today was a DAMN good day.
Other days…not so much. You spill coffee on your shirt right before the presentation you have to give first thing in the morning. You’re late, the day just started off wrong, and it’s not getting better. You come into the gym, and you see everything you suck at…compiled into one..single…workout. But it’s cool, because the local firebreather is right beside you, making sure you have ample awareness of what you’re *supposed* to look like when you’re working out.

Yup. Windshield, and bug.

Either way, if you want to improve, you’ve got to give 100%. You can’t half ass this and get whole ass results. (see what I did there?) Every day.
Range of motion issues? You better be pushing to go further every time.
Strength issues? Working to get stronger…the whole time.
Every movement, every motion, every run…100%. Pushing to get faster. Pushing to get stronger. It’s how we get better.
If you have problems with your squat, the warm up is the time to fix it.
Trying to slim down while doing this? You better be busting ass with your nutrition as much as you’re killing it in the workouts.

Every aspect is as important as the next.

Half ass effort, half ass results.


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