1. You’ll be intimidated. Of course you will, it’s a new place, determined to do nothing but challenge you. Get past it.
2. You’ll gain a new vocabulary – all the jargon for the workouts will become second nature. Don’t worry about it.
3. Your goals will solidify, shift, or change completely. That’s fine, just let us know what’s going on.
4. You’ll get comfortable with a barbell. Some people are from the onset…some people take a minute to become familiar. Focus on the movement, everything will fall into place.
5. Don’t be afraid to add more weight. That’s why we do the skill/strength sets.
6. Things that were “hard” before..won’t seem so bad. Not because they’ve become easier, but because you’ve become tougher. Your mentality to approaching a problem is going to change. Enjoy that. It means you’re stronger in the mind as well as the body.
7. You’re going to suck at something. Badly. Like…throw it down and stomp your foot and throw a hissy fit…suck at it. You’ll shrink away from the movement in the workouts, and try to negotiate out of it. That’s motivation to get BETTER at the movement. Beat the demon.
8. You’ll get better at what you hate. Sheer exposure to something that you’re not good at is going to improve your ability at that particular aspect of your training. Eventually, you’ll move through it without much thought.
9. You’re stronger than you think you are. Trust me. When I say “Add weight.” you’ll have moments when you doubt me…it’s okay, but trust me. You’re stronger than you think.
10. There’s always going to be someone stronger. Keep chasing the squirrel. Their strength doesn’t eclipse yours. You’re better than they are at something, promise. Rob is AMAZING at his muscleupintohandstandpushups. That’s cool. He can’t do fingertip pullups and I can. So there. Everyone’s got a weakness.
11. People will be inspired by your accomplishments here. Friends and family are going to see changes in you that you won’t see in the mirror. It’s going to motivate and inspire them. You don’t have to do anything but be who you are. Plain and simple.
12. The selfish people in your life will fall to the wayside. Your focus on taking care of YOU will cull the dead weight from your life. This is NOT a bad thing.
13. The people who matter are going to cheer you one. That means you’ll know who matters in your life. Also, NOT a bad thing.


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