Everyone has a moment

when you decide to DO something about every unhappy, negative, leeching force in your life.
Sometimes it’s like a ton of bricks..with the force and power of a bat.
Other times it’s just a slow, dawning conclusion one draws after one too many days in a row waking up ready to go back to bed so you don’t have to face the day and the drudgery that goes with it.
What ever it is…The Moment exists.

It’s The Moment you go from acknowledging that certain things are draining you, to actually changing those things.

To put it another way, you stop whining and start fixing.

You stop making excuses (“It was a birthday! I HAD to eat the cake!”…”I’m so stressed right now, I just eat when I’m stressed…”) and start taking control of yourself and your life. Changes in nutrition, habits, and priorities are all a result of This Moment.

This Moment does not make you selfish. It does not make you arrogant. It does not make you self righteous. You’re not leaving anyone behind (unless they deserve it). You’re taking care of yourself. You can’t be ALL THE THINGS to everyone else, until you take care of yourself.

Picking up a barbell, swinging a kettlebell, running a hill, throwing a wall ball…they make you better. Your body is better because it’s being challenged. Your mind is better because the physical act of learning these movements sharpens your brain. Becoming kinesthetically aware enough that you can be corrected easily, if not feel the moment a movement goes wrong, is no easy mental feat.

Getting better begins with The Moment. That Moment and the action that follows will define you…so don’t roll over and say “I can’t.” Work to get better. You can. It’s gonna be awesome.


One Response to “Everyone has a moment”

  1. Beckyjay2011 Says:

    I think I need to read this every morning this month!

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