Do it for YOU.

We all face a lot of pressure to live up to some standard…often an arbitrary standard, at that. Some of it is parental influence…be the good son/daughter and make them proud. Some of it is work influence…be the best worker bee you can so you don’t get fired/laid off/overlooked for promotion. Some is familial…keeping spouse, kids, and home happy.

It’s a LOT to juggle, all those roles. Often, it’s overwhelming. Who hasn’t had a moment, a day, or even a week where everything is piling up? That’s normal, reasonable, and understandable. It’s our mind’s way of saying “Hey. You. Stop for a second. Why are we doing all of this? Is there anything we can shuck down the list so we’re not balls to the wall 24/7? Can we re-prioritize some of this mess? Please?”
Listen to that inner voice.
You’re not doing it because you’re a bad child, parent, spouse, employee, or person…you’re doing it because you’ve GOT to, so you can keep giving your best to those who deserve it.

Which brings us here.

Don’t come here because someone told you, “You’re at an age, y’know, you SHOULD work out so you don’t get the teacher arms/trucker ass/office spread!” Don’t do it because you’re afraid your spouse won’t love you because you ‘let yourself go’. Don’t do it because you’re trying to one-up anyone, trying to stay leader of the pack. Don’t do it because some one or some thing told you you should.
It won’t work.
It’ll be too hard. This isn’t easy. It’s downright grinding sometimes.
You’ll quit, if you’re doing it for everyone and everything else.

You have to do this for you.

You have to want this for yourself. You have to want the barbells, and the running, and the burpees, and the grit and the grime and the tire flips and the fire hoses because you see the inherent benefit in performing real, functional, powerful movements. The amount of work it takes to do this program, and to commit to it, and to stick it through when something is hard will absolutely drain you, if you’re not doing it for yourself.
All those other things? Those things that say you “should” do this? They’ll benefit, so don’t worry about them. Worry about yourself. Worry about your numbers, your times, your weights, your lifts, your movements, your focus. Devote this hour to spending it on you…to investing in yourself and your health and your goals.

This isn’t for everyone, and I know that. Some people like to be eased along the path of fitness. Others like to be booted in the ass over the ledge with someone screaming to do it faster. Neither personality type will find a true home here, I know that, though the second will likely enjoy this more than the first…But those of you who want it for yourselves?

Welcome home.


2 Responses to “Do it for YOU.”

  1. Uh! No one told me I would have to “want” the burpees.
    I’m out!
    When’s the next Zumba class?

  2. Excellent, dead on.


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