Yesterday’s post was a bit volatile, but was fueled mainly from my frustration in hearing the same self affirming denial over and over again in various places. I stand by what I said, but hope everyone realizes it wasn’t fed from maliciousness, but was instead brought about because of that frustration I mentioned.

I bet when you read the title, you thought I was talking about food…right?
Maybe I am, a little bit…but I’m also talking about the “How bad do you want it?” factor. How hungry are you for your own success?

It takes willpower to commit. You’ve got to commit to the process in order to see the changes. Figure out your goal, then understand that part of the pathway to that goal is easy and simple, maybe it’s the nutrition part, maybe it’s the showing up part, maybe it’s the community part. After that, part of your path is going to suck. It could be any aspect. You’ve got to embrace the suck, because getting past that part is what will bring you to your goal.

It takes willpower to finish a workout when all you want to do is fall over and pass out.
It takes strength of will to keep your legs moving on the run instead of tapering down to a walk. It takes sheer bullheadedness to keep your hands on the bar instead of letting go and hearing the weight hit the ground while you suck wind. It takes willpower to keep going when every aching muscle in your body is screaming for rest, and your lungs are begging for air, and your brain is listening to your body and wanting to stop as well.

You’re only going to go as far as that inner voice that won’t quit will let you go. You’re only going to become as strong as that voice is in your ear. If you listen to the voice that says “No. Stop. Let me rest…” you’ll be listening to the voice that keeps you back.

You have the choice, you know…to listen to the voices. You can choose which one you heed. The strength of will to get better every day saying “Push, harder, don’t stop, keep breathing, you can rest when it’s done…”, or the one saying “It’s okay, it’s cool…there’s another workout later this week…”

Which voice will you heed?


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