You’re in control…

Meghan started a group on Facebook for anyone interested in hitting a 21 day Paleo challenge.

Something I’ll throw out there – Define your boundaries. Define what you’re excluding, and why, and what you’re including, and why, and then stick to it.

Which brings me to my point:

You’re in control. You’re the one with the power and the decision making skills in this process. You’re the one who’s laid out your plan. Whether you follow it or not is completely up to you.

Short of someone sitting on you and shoving food in your mouth, you don’t have to do a damn thing you don’t choose to eat. Parties, events, sports, they’re excuses. If you’re going to say you’re doing this, and you’re going to commit, commit. If you step out of line, be honest with yourself and say you chose to, not that you were tempted by this that or the other.

This is not hard, y’all. It sucks because it can be damned inconvenient, but it’s not HARD. It’s just a matter of choice and accountability.

Who’s in?


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