What do you see…

When you look in the mirror?

Yes, that is my darling offspring, showing his power. I’m not sure the world could take multiples of him.

You see yourself every day. Sometimes you’re just looking in passing, as you brush your teeth and think about all the things you have to do throughout your day. Sometimes it’s focused, because you’re applying your makeup and can’t really look away. You pass windows and your reflection catches your eye and you flick an errant hair.
You see yourself. All day. Facebook pics. Yeah. You see yourself.

But do you SEE yourself?

Do you see what you have been, what you are, and what you can become?

Do you see your strengths, and embrace them? Do you see how those things make you a wonderful person, worthy of the effort you spend in taking care of yourself every day?

Do you see and acknowledge your weaknesses, and then work…every day…to overcome them? It’s one thing to know you have them, but the real testament of character is to overcome those flaws to be a better person.

Do you like what you see? Can you make a plan to change what you don’t like? What would that plan include?

You’ve got a place…right here…to step in and make some real changes in your life. Use it. Embrace it. Work on it. Do it.

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?


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