Food guilt…

You’re working hard and you’re kicking ass and you’re watching your nutrition, 80 to 90% of the time. You see some turtle cheesecake, bacon flavored popcorn, a six pack of microbrewed goodness, or any other kind of temptation that hits your fancy just right…so you indulge.

Then…you’re wracked with guilt. You feel awful. Like you’ve betrayed yourself and everyone else. You feel like a bad bad bad human.

Dude. Come ON. Lighten up.

It’s not the end of the world to indulge from time to time. You’re not killing yourself, you won’t explode, and life isn’t going to stop because you had a cupcake.
If you have a cupcake with every meal, you’re going to have issues. One jump off the wagon isn’t going to send you into a path of non-training-falling-apart-slothbaby-ness. Get up, figure out why you ate it – emotional eating, bored eating, or you just wanted to, and move on. Get back to work.

Worry when the once in awhile becomes something that interferes with your goals. Once in a blue isn’t going to stop you from achieving your goal. Frequency determines success rate.

THAT said, if you’re actively working toward a weight loss or performance goal, it may be better to hold off on the indulgence for a little bit.

But seriously, don’t beat yourself up. Look at it pragmatically, fix the problem, and go on.


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