Let me do my job…

So you’ve started CrossFit, and you’re excited because…dude. This sh*t is awesome. You’re flippin’ tires, and runnin’, and throwin’ barbells around, and you feel like GD Captain America every day. And that’s awesome. You’re talking it up too, telling people how amazing and fantastic and hardXcore everything is at your new gym.

I love it.
I appreciate it.
I WANT you to look forward to coming here and testing your mettle against whatever is on the board.
I want you to want to be sore, and to keep track of your progress, and to do all the little things that keep your in line with what you’re trying to accomplish.

In your excitement, don’t forget that I’m watching you, even when you think I’m not…whether it’s during the warmup, during the skillset, or the workout itself. I’ve been watching you. I’ve been listening while you’re talking about your this being kinda sore or your that being a little tweaky. I’ve been mentally evaluating your performance during workouts so I can remember next time we’re training something similar, where you need to be so you can get what I want you to get from the workout.

Just to be clear, some workouts are all about moving weight. Just pure brawn. Barbell complexes come to mind. Yeah, you’re moving with a purpose, but the goal is more to get through each round of the complex with some solid form and to consistently move the weight.
Some workouts are about moving a set amount of weight as fast as you can. Fran is an example…95#, fast as you can, go. If 95# is “easy”, you need to go faster. That type of thing.

All that being said, trust me. When I assign a weight, it’s because I know what my objective for you in the workout is. I know where you’re at, and I know what I’ve programmed the WOD to accomplish. Yes, you can put probably double that overhead, but you’ll only do that twice, as opposed to the targeted 12 and 20 times. Or your form will suck so badly you’ll be smashing my eyeballs with your lift.

The progression is going to come. You’re going to get stronger, until the point you CAN’T get stronger without specializing in weight training. So, just let it happen, and let me do what you pay me to do.

But in case you’re curious, here’s how it goes:
1. Prove you can move your body well.
1a. If you can move your body well, progress to 2.
1b. If you cannot move your body well, due to ROM issues, injury, weakness, etc., work on this until you CAN move your body well.

2. Add weight to the movements.
2a. If form is solid and you’re responsive to coaching cues verbally and visually, progress to three.
2b. If form is lacking, due to ROM issues, injury, weakness, etc., refine the movements.

3. Add speed to the movements – weighted and non-weighted. Scale weight as necessary to maintain form and solidarity of the movement.

So please, let me do what I do, so you’ll get the most out of your workout.


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