Things to remember…

1. When going into a handstand…lax shoulders and elbows translate into a nosedive. Keep it tight.
2. The passthru is a stretch. Treat it as such…go slow, initiate with a shrug, and rotate over. Keep working your hands closer together until you can’t do it with straight arms. If you can do a passthru quickly, you’re not stretching.
3. “When the arms bend, the power ends.” – Coach B. Don’t pull til your hips are open. Plain and simple. Pull before your hips are open, you’re removing your posterior chain from the lift.
4. Keep your hands in front of your hips when doing double unders.
5. Jump high and slow for double unders.
6. The barbell won’t bite you, but it will bruise you. Don’t try to rescue the weight. If you’re losing it, let it go. That’s why we have bumpers.
7. What you eat in private shows in public. If you’re here to lose weight, sneaking a pop-tart and thinking no one will know is the height of self delusion. Likewise, if you’re here for performance, eating Mickey D’s and BK and expecting to kick ass and take names on the board every day, it ain’t gonna happen. All that’ll happen is you’ll likely puke out the bay door.
8. Learn to recognize the difference between soreness and injury. Soreness will go away, and often feels better after a round of warmup. Injury, on the other hand, is there no matter what, and needs to be treated.
9. This is supposed to be fun. At the end of the day, this workout is supposed to be one that you enjoy.
10. Fun does NOT mean easy.
11. Keep the midline tight when lifting overhead. No loose bellies!
12. It doesn’t get easier. The movements become more refined and learned, and you become more confident.
13. If you don’t get your hips into it, you’re not going to get it.
14. Focus on the movements during the warmup. Don’t rush. This is the perfect time to refine your body weight movements. Use it.
15. No matter how bad you feel like you’re doing, someone is looking up to you.
16. In reference to #15, we all have bad days. If your bad days are out numbering your good, talk to me.


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