Heads up!
No 515 and 615 p.m. classes Friday, 28 October.


One Response to “cancellation…”

  1. Steve Says:

    After being thoroughly disgusted with my effort during Thursday’s WOD, and facing no class Friday evening, I ventured down to 24hr Fitness to get in a workout. I was ready to slap some Kettlebells and throw some barbells around, just thrash myself. So, in I walk…
    It is at that point that I know how fortunate I am to have Crossfit, Jaime and our facility! Everyone is locked into machines with one range of motion, taking 10 minutes between sets, and performing exercises that have no functional merit.

    I know I sound like a workout snob! Don’t get me wrong! I do think it is great that people are at the gym doing something to counteract the crap society throws at all of us each and every day. But, just think of the improvement and benefits they could receive by directing their efforts towards more functional and effective exercise! In just a fraction of the time, they could complete a workout that builds effective strength, expands the cardiovascular system, and probably more important, gives you the sense of accomplishment and confidence that you can achieve all of your goals!

    Yes, I did my warmup and completed a WOD. I did some crazy stuff like grasshoppers, OHS, kipping pullups, and bear squats just to freak some people out! Great news is a couple of people asked me what I was doing and I was able to share the Crossfit story!

    I appreciate the opportunity to workout with you guys! You challenge me to grow and become a better person. Thank you for tolerating this rant also! Be strong!


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