Be impeccable…

(of behavior, performance, or appearance) In accordance with the highest standards of propriety; faultless.

To Be Impeccable…is an art requiring constant vigilance. It is not something that you can decide to do one day and master by the end of the week. The mastery of any art, like music, painting, or sculpture, requires practice.

When we start a WOD, when you start up training here, when we introduce a new movement, we discuss the correct manner to complete the movement. We talk about how to do it and do it properly so you can a) avoid injury and b) get the full benefit of the exercise.

Full range of motion on squats, doing a JERK instead of some weird jumping jack looking thing with a barbell, opening your hips at the top of the box jump, being able to do deadhang pullups AND kipping pullups…it shouldn’t be questioned.

So be impeccable.

Even in the face of exhaustion, in the face of everything you’re doing, in the face of sometimes complicated movements…be impeccable.
Once you know the standard, even if your standard is scaled, be impeccable, do it right.
When you travel to another box, you’re representing us…so be impeccable.
When you push through the WOD, you’re representing what you are accepting as your best. Why wouldn’t you be impeccable?

So many times we point out the reality that what you do here carries over into the rest of your life…such is the case with taking shortcuts. If you’re willing to take shortcuts in something that will only improve your overall quality of life, if you’re not willing to give your all here, what else do you cheat yourself on?

So be impeccable. Drop your ass. Open your hips. Push your head through at the top. Do. It. Right. Every time.

Be impeccable.


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