Athlete spotlight…Danny.

Anyone who’s been here awhile knows Danny. Danny is nothing short of amazing.
He came to us in February. It was cold, he was looking to make changes in his life, and he’s been committed, straight up committed, ever since.

When Danny started, his range of motion was limited, so was his strength.

Since then…

Danny has kicked ass and taken names. His deadlift is over 400lbs. He’s running miles, and they’re getting faster. He’s lost fat and gained muscle. He’s on the big box now! After having to step on the small one for a long time, he’s even jumping up onto the bay door entrance. This week, he went from squatting to the midbox to squatting to the low box. The jump in range of motion there is pretty significant – over 4″.

The physical changes I have seen in Danny are indescribable, and remarkable…but more importantly, the change I’ve seen in his persona has left me awed. He exudes a confidence I didn’t see in him at first, and his willingness to do whatever it takes inspires everyone in the class.

Danny’s got a great heart, and I’m so privileged and grateful to be a part of what he’s doing in his life.


2 Responses to “Athlete spotlight…Danny.”

  1. Laura Simpson Says:

    Danny is THE honey badger! Dude’s freaking awesome.

  2. You’ve come a long way bro! Gettin stronger!

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